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Summer 98
Volume III
Issue 3

d e p a r t m e n t s

34 SMOKE Front
The Cohiba battle rages on, California screamin', exposing fakes, and more.

44 Romeo
Rick Shaw turns a royal flush into a full house.

52 y Julieta
Heidi Louise Overturf waxes poetic on the joys of hair removal.

56 OP-ED: What Lew Says
Congress dukes it out with the evil tobacco empire, and Lew Rothman referees.

58 SMOKE Satire
Luke Boggs on the Big Three and U.S. health officials settling their beef out of court.

62 SMOKE Drink
Sun down, bottoms up! The Walkers sample summer "sundowners," perfect for beach, porch, or rooftop.

66 SMOKE Finance
Ray Martin crunches numbers for the best IRA investments.

72 SMOKE Music
The rock 'n roll bad boy: Is he dead and gone forever? FD R-Mista looks at the sedate state of music today.

130 SMOKE Cigar Review
SMOKE reviews cool summer smokes: gigantes, robustos, torpedos, and pyramids.

178 SMOKE Cigar Q & A
Alan Schwartz spends some time in the Dominican Republic with the Fuente family.

184 SMOKE Vital
The essentials of summer skin care and some hot new shades.

186 SMOKE Fashion
Style? Give us an old pair of jeans any day. Better yet, give us "Baywatch" babe Angelica Bridges in jeans.

194 SMOKE Gift Guide
Summertime, and the giving is easy, if you follow the SMOKE Gift Guide for Dads, grads, and you.

205 SMOKE Rising
Patrick Muldoon talks about "Melrose," Trojan football, and his budding film career.

206 SMOKE Sports
Chris Rubin looks at the rough & tumble world of martial arts as a fitness alternative.

216 SMOKE Celebrity Q & A
Earth 2 Jessica ... Jessica Steen speaks of her past TV experience and Armageddon.

218 SMOKE Auto
James Lee Ramsey reports on flashy summer sports cars.

228 SMOKE Collecting
Calcium deposits: Richard Polski unearths the news about big money for dinosaur bones.
236 SMOKE Fiction
Rudy and Mato grew up in the same hardscrabble barrio, best friends going through their rites of passage. Both went on to become boxers, and their paths would forever be crossed, as James Carlos Blake paints a haunting picture on canvas in "Referee."

261 SMOKE Matchbooks
Check out cigar-friendly haunts across the U.S.

263 Cigarman
The continued adventures of our fearless hero. Cigarman, by Sam Gross.

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