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Country: Nicaragua Wrapper: Ecuador Binder: Nicaragua
Manufacturer: NickŇs Cigar Company Filler: Nicaragua Price: $6.05
Panelist #1Still can't get over this crazy shape. But don't let that overshadow its performance. Tasty and big. A real smoker. Well done! SCORE: 4.3
Panelist #2This baby's size makes it perfect for a quickie. Matches up well with a Guinness. This boastful little guy holds his own. SCORE: 4.2
Panelist #3One of the best finds of the review. Perfect for lighting up on the way to work, no matter how short your commute. Powerful, tasty. SCORE: 4.4
Panelist #4A cutting-edge stick that satisfied on all levels. Offers up full-bodied strength and flavor in a small size. Good for any time. SCORE: 4.2

Country: U.S.A. Wrapper: Ecuador Binder: Nicaragua
Manufacturer: Island Smoke Shop Filler: DR/Hon/Nic/Mex/Peru Price: $5.95
Panelist #1A perfect after-dinner cigar. Every one of these is the same: perfect in every way. Get your hands on as many as you can. SCORE: 4.8
Panelist #2This bad boy was heavy and robust. A spicy undertone carries through as well. Went perfectly with a glass of red and a big meal. SCORE: 4.0
Panelist #3An ideal cigar for unwinding after a long day of work, lighting this baby up and sitting in a comfy chair. Positively enjoyable. SCORE: 4.8
Panelist #4There was a bit of a metallic taste towards the end, but otherwise, it performed like a winner. Tasty and expertly made. SCORE: 3.6

Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Nicaragua Binder: Dominican Republic
Manufacturer: Cigars by Santa Clara Filler: Dominican Republic Price: $4.50
Panelist #1This "all up front" cigar would go great with whiskey, late night after dinner and a tryst. Has a lot to offer for any palate. SCORE: 4.0
Panelist #2This is an average tasting and well-rolled cigar that falls in the middle of the figurado world. You could do worse than this. SCORE: 3.1
Panelist #3I would try more of these if the price is right. Perhaps they need a bit of aging. As is, they're still impressive. A neat little stick. SCORE: 3.6
Panelist #4This cigar rates high on taste and not as high on construction, odd for a figurado. Hopefully they'll work the kinks out. SCORE: 3.7

Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Cameroon Binder: Dominican Republic
Manufacturer: Felipe Gregorio, Inc. Filler: DR/Nicaragua Price: $6.60
Panelist #1A good workhorse cigar that delivers ample punch and flavor. Well-suited for late in the day, with spicy food and red wine. SCORE: 3.9
Panelist #2I'd recommend this little belli as a pre-dinner cocktail smoke. Versatile personality. Good for curling up with the newspaper. SCORE: 3.5
Panelist #3This shady character has a beautiful aroma and appearance in the box, But that's where they should stay - in the box. SCORE: 3.4
Panelist #4I like this cigar, but can't help wondering why it's a figurado. With its simple ambition, it could have been a robusto.SCORE: 3.4

Country: Costa Rica Wrapper: Connecticut Binder: Ecuador
Manufacturer: CAO International Filler: DR/Nicaragua Price: $7.40
Panelist #1I'm not usually a maduro fan but, as Tony the Tiger says, "This cigar was GREATTTT!!!" Consistent. Great after dinner. SCORE: 5.0
Panelist #2This is an impressive cigar, with good construction, flavor, and strength. Tastes like a woody and earthy Dominican. I'm a fan. SCORE: 4.0
Panelist #3The art of the maduro. Fans of the dark ones will adore it, non-fans will still love it. Full-flavored, and flavor built up as it smoked. SCORE: 4.8
Panelist #4I could tell I was in for a treat from 10 feet away. Sheer beauty! Impeccable construction, and the flavors will please all. SCORE: 4.1

LA PLATA PURPLE Pyramid (Maduro)
Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Connecticut Binder: Indonesia
Manufacturer: La Plata Cigar Co. Filler: Dominican Republic Price: $5.00
Panelist #1These cigars represent generic quality in my book. Nothing to set them apart from the ordinary. Not much to say. SCORE: 2.8
Panelist #2This was a pleasure to test. I'm anxious to find out its details. A real charmer, and a must-have for the humidor. SCORE: 3.9
Panelist #3This is about as good as it gets in the States. It's a solid stick that will lay you back and take control of of your senses. SCORE: 4.6
Panelist #4Ho hum, an uninspiring smoke. Competent but underwhelming. If the price is right, I'll buy. If not, I'll pass. SCORE: 3.3

Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Dominican Republic Binder: Dominican Rep.
Manufacturer: Gran Reserve Cigars, Inc. Filler: Dominican Republic Price: $8.50
Panelist #1Not really my style of cigar. I found this one a little harsh for my liking, though it had its moments. It's a great looking 'gar. SCORE: 3.9
Panelist #2Hey babe, take a walk on the mild side. The construction was a bit off, and it burned fast. Solid in a pinch, but not a star. SCORE: 3.8
Panelist #3This was generally a good cigar, and I am willing to forgive some construction problems. Flavors were rich and tasty. SCORE: 3.6
Panelist #4As the Boss said, "you ain't a beauty, but hey, you're alright." An unattractive but functional stick, with promise. SCORE: 3.8

Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Cameroon Binder: Dominican Republic
Manufacturer: La Flor Dominicana Filler: DR/Brazil Price: $5.75
Panelist #1You really have to work to get anything out of this one. I got a head rush from working this baby. It's a frustrating stick. SCORE: 2.8
Panelist #2A good hour smoke that would be ideal for late evening to finish off a long day. I'd give them out to people I need favors from. SCORE: 3.8
Panelist #3While I prefer heartier cigars, this puppy came through with flying colors! A very satisfying stick. My compliments! SCORE: 3.8
Panelist #4This cigar is powerful and flavorful enough to accompany outdoor activities. A good, uniquely shaped cigar. I want more. SCORE: 4.3

Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Cameroon Binder: Dominican Republic
Manufacturer: La Aurora, S.A. Filler: Dominican Republic Price: $10.00
Panelist #1What keeps this from being a 5? Only the possibility that there's a perfect cigar out there. Comes pretty damn close. SCORE: 4.9
Panelist #2These are beautiful little cigars that were created by a talented roller. The taste will come around even- tually, I hope. SCORE: 3.8
Panelist #3Although this cigar looks very cosmopolitan, the flavor department drops the ball. What a shame! It sure is a looker. SCORE: 3.9
Panelist #4These are some interesting sticks. I liked them now, but I think I'll love them in a year. Great shape that really delivers. SCORE: 3.8

DON JUAN Perfecto No. 2
Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Ecuador Binder: Dominican Republic
Manufacturer: Tropical Tobacco Filler: DR/Nicaragua Price: $3.25
Panelist #1Why would I choose this cigar? I wouldn't. Maybe for before dinner, but not likely. Powerful, but not possessing much flavor.SCORE: 3.5
Panelist #2This is a well-made little cigar, but leave it looking good in the box. It's a real choker when you light it up. Pass it by. SCORE: 2.7
Panelist #3This one came up short in the flavor department for me, but it might appeal to others. It's a fun shape to smoke. SCORE: 3.2
Panelist #4I herfed down one of these babies in the late afternoon and it hit the spot. Should find regular place in my rotation. SCORE: 4.2

PERDOMO2 Torfecto
Country: Nicaragua Wrapper: Cameroon Binder: Nicaragua
Manufacturer: Nick's Cigar Company Filler: Nicaragua Price: $7.99
Panelist #1This cigar is going to impress a lot of smokers. Its rich, sturdy, complex character is a cigar smoker's dream. A must-try! SCORE: 4.8
Panelist #2Easily the best cigar of the samples. I never tired of the big flavors this stogie heaped on my palate. Perfect with a tequila gimlet! SCORE: 4.6
Panelist #3Yowza! This must be a Cuaba! It's got the look, and, more importantly, the big flavor. Be careful! This one might knock you out! SCORE: 4.4
Panelist #4A very unique cigar that straddles the line perfectly between surly and pleasant. You can bet I'll buy plenty of these. SCORE: 4.4

Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Connecticut Binder: Domincan Republic
Manufacturer: Davidoff of Geneva Filler: Dominican Republic Price: $6.00
Panelist #1A fairly consistent, not overly com- plex cigar. A nice afternoon cigar that would make a good addition to the humidor. SCORE 3.8
Panelist #2Lounging after a steak dinner with a cigar in one hand and some port in the other made me feel like a king! Highly recommended. SCORE 4.6
Panelist #3A rich and smooth smoke. I found the aroma and taste of this one very much to my liking. I'll be looking to add it to my humidor. SCORE 3.8
Panelist #4Each sample burned consistently and left behind a dark-gray ash. Jekyll and Hyde flavors of this 'gar was frustrating. SCORE 3.6

Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Ecuador Binder: Mexico
Manufacturer: Tabacalera de Espana Filler: Dominican Republic Price: $11.50
Panelist #1A smooth operator and a strong persuader. Double thumbs-up to the maker of this cigar. Job well done, folks! SCORE: 4.3
Panelist #2There's very little negative to say about this fig. Good draw, good burn, great taste, stellar finish, pleasant aroma. Any questions? SCORE: 4.4
Panelist #3This cigar is good for every occasion: watching the ball game, enjoying a drink, yard work, etc. Give it out to anyone, anytime. SCORE: 4.4
Panelist #4A hallmark of consistency, this cigar was impressive in many categories. Tasty and smooth. Where art thou, Romeo? SCORE: 4.2

Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Dominican Republic Binder: Indonesian
Manufacturer: La Perla Habana/HCT Filler: Dominican Republic Price: $5.50
Panelist #1I was very sad to put this one out. I enjoyed every minute of it. A good job well done└ stick that will piss off non-smokers! SCORE: 4.2
Panelist #2I liked this cigar ... a lot. A consistently outstanding stick, and I don't say that very often. Potent and powerful, but still tasty. SCORE: 4.4
Panelist #3A good cigar for the boys: good for poker or the ballgame ... if they'll allow ├em in the stadium. Plaudits to the manufacturer. SCORE: 4.2
Panelist #4Strong, and close to full-bodied, this cigar is well-suited for those who enjoy big sticks, but don't always have the time. SCORE: 4.0

EMIGRANTE Short Torpedo
Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Indonesia Binder: Dominican Republic
Manufacturer: Santiago Cigar Co. Filler: Dominican Rep. Price: $5.50
Panelist #1This is a good dessert cigar that would go well with an armagnac or Grand Marnier. Consistent in taste and construction. SCORE: 4.0
Panelist #2You probably can't go wrong with this in your humidor. Looks good, tastes good, smells good. What more do you want? SCORE: 4.1
Panelist #3I didn't know what to expect upon sizing up this one, but it comes up big in the flavor department. Not a standout, but still good. SCORE: 3.9
Panelist #4This cigar's got a real nice flavor profile to it. Not a lot of flash, but a smooth stogie that's the product of care and time. SCORE: 4.0

FONSECA Triangular
Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Connecticut Binder: Mexico
Manufacturer: SAG Imports Filler: Dominican Rep. Price: $5.50
Panelist #1It's a classic, medium-bodied figurado; a fine example of quality craftsmanship. It smoked as good as it looked. SCORE 4.2
Panelist #2There's nothing negative to say about this one, the first time all review I can say that. This was a very pleasant surprise. SCORE 4.2
Panelist #3This figurado offers medium-bodied strength and a prodigious array of floral and cedary Dominican flavors. An estimable stick. SCORE 4.2
Panelist #4If I was a betting man (and I am, but don't tell the wife), I'd say it comes from a well-respected Dominican factory. SCORE 3.9

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