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Big Butt Cigar Co. - Big Butt Cigar Co. makes premium hand-rolled Nicaraguan cigars and great looking accessory apparel. Perhaps you've admired one of our products out on the boulevard. Our cigar is made in Esteli, Nicaragua with Esteli and Jalapa filler and binder, and wrapped in a beautiful Indonesian leaf.

Cifuentes (General Cigar) - Long before Fidel Castro came into power in Cuba, Partagas cigars were crafted by hand in Havana under the direction of Ramon Cifuentes and his father. The last of the great cigar-makers to leave Cuba in the early 1960s, Ramon Cifuentes eventually discovered the ideal place to go on making his Partagas cigars was some 800 miles east of Havana in Santiago, DR.

Cu-Avana Inc. - The Cu-Avana Vision is founded using a process that comes from the glory days of Cuba's Cigar Industry. We combine this secret process with only the best premium tobacco material and some of the world's most experienced Torcedores in Tamboril, Dominican Republic to create the Cu-Avana Premium Cigar, taste the aroma.

Don Rico Cigars - It happened at the turn of the century, 100 years ago, that Moses Paiewonsky and his brothers came to the New World. The Cibao-Valley was to be the home of this laborious man. Through the years, his descendants have made this land their home and Dominican Republic their country. Following this tradition,we have set our goals at providing cigar aficionados with the best this land can offer.

El Sublimado/El Incomparable - Cigar connoisseurs have long relished the delightful experience which can only be obtained by combining premium cigars with premium spirits. Indeed, it was this pleasure which led Jean Claude and Suzanne Marty to invest years of their lives to perfect the secret patented process used to gently imbue their hand-selected tobacco blends with the world's finest spirits.

Famous Smoke Shop - Famous Smoke Shop is going live on the World Wide Web! We stay committed to providing our customers with the best quality cigars at the fairest prices. We want to do the "Internet Thing" right: keeping our level of service higher than you have any right to expect....

Gonzalez & Gonzalez Tobacco Co. - of Miami, Florida, was founded by R. Michael Gonzalez, the Company's President and CEO. With new, exciting cigar products and marketing concepts, G&G Tobacco offers its customers a dedication to quality in premium handmade cigars unrivaled in the industry today.

Grand Cigar Company Inc. - Manufacturer of the smooth and rich Flor de los Reyes cigar, along with Don Priamo, One-Plus, Luna Azul, and Dulce Maria cigars - all made with care and tradition from the finest Dominican tobaccos.

Grand Reserve Cigars (Krantor Corp) - Committed to the production of fine cigars that will provide consistent flavor and pleasure to those consumers who recognize and appreciate quality products. As with fine port wine or aged cognac, premium cigars require skill, time and patience to create and produce...

La Casa del Habano - Havana House Cigar and Tobacco Merchants Ltd. The exclusive distributor in Canada for Habanos, with outlets worldwide. We want to provide you not only with what we feel is the finest product available but also with the opportunity to enjoy it in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Hobo Cigars (Top Hat Enterprises) - Rags to Riches, a great smoke. The first company to combine carefully selected, specially aged blended tobaccos to achieve a low priced, hand-rolled mild to medium bodied cigar. Hand-made cigars developed from carefully chosen and blended shed aged leaves. We have broken the price barrier for a cigar of this quality.

Hoja de Nicaragua - The rich volcanic soil of Nicaragua produces some of the finest cigar tobacco in the world. Cigarros de Nicaragua, S.A. started purchasing Nicaraguan cigars for shipment to and sale in the USA in 1993, establishing our own production facilities in 1994. The cigars produced in our Esteli factory from August 1997 uses only our slow-cured tobacco, hand-made by expert rollers.

Hunt Valley Cigars - We are pleased to offer two lines of premium cigars from Nicaragua and Honduras. If you like cigars as much as we do, we're confident you'll enjoy these. Dos Reinas a hearty cigar that offers a wonderful flavor experience. Flavorful and rich with lots of earthy flavors, this cigar continues to develop deep flavor nuances from start to finish. The Sevilla is a mild and pleasant cigar with creamy and very smooth flavors.

Indigo Cigars - The Spaniards came to America and brought their plants and animals to cultivate and grow. Not long after, they enslaved the Indians in Central America to grow the indigo plant to be exported to Europe. To honor the Indians' hard days of work in the indigo plantations we have created the INDIGO BRAND.

Justino Cigars - For those who treasure taste... Justino Castillo and family have been growing tobacco throughout the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic for four generations and through the 1960's were the only growers with three tobacco warehouses in Navarrete, D.R.. Today, growers include Justino and Lucilo Castillo, who have been in the tobacco industry for over 60 years.

King Richard Cigar Co - I invite you to try my personal cigars. I originally had them made for myself and my friends, but they're such well crafted, smooth-smoking cigars that I feel every cigar smoker should have access to them. These beauties are hand made from the finest Caribbean Blends available since Kennedy banned the import of Cuban Tobacco!

La Havanita Cigar Factory - Carlos Madera's great, great grandson, Julio meticulously hand picks every tobacco leaf to create our smokable masterpieces. The tobacco is Cuban seed, from plants that are descendants of Blanca's fruit. From the fields of Villa Gonzalez, to the talented hands of our rollers, we pass along the 60 year legacy of Carlos and Blanca Madera.

Las Vegas Cigar Company - Las Vegas Cigar Company uses refined blends of the finest 100% Cuban-seed tobacco imported directly from the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Our 12 established varieties are hand-rolled daily, in-house, with utmost care.

Mayorga - Born of select Cuban seeds, grown with care in the fabled soil of Esteli, Nicaragua, and enveloped in the choicest Indonesian wrappers. The sweet, spicy flavor of Mayorga is distinctive, yet never overpowering. The new standard in premium cigars.
Choose To Live Well.

Maxius Cigars - An exceptionally smooth cigar that gives a well balanced smoking experience. It has a rich creamy flavor of nuts and coffee bean that gain in flavor while remaining a cool smoke throughout. An attractive cigar that feels as good as it looks. A mild Dominican, it has a Perelmans rating of 2 out of 5.

Montague Cigars - Montague is a longfiller cigar.Only a few leaves are used to make each one, which means setting very high standards.In fact, only a tiny percentage of the complete tobacco harvest is suitable for use in our cigars. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality cigars at a very reasonable price. Montague is a true masterpiece.

Mursuli Cigars - Oscar Mursuli, Master Torcedor (Master Cuban Roller), is a third-generation Cuban tobacco expert who has been rolling cigars for over 50 years. Working in renowned Cuban factories such as La Corona and Por La Ranaga, Mr. Mursuli was Professor of Master Rollers, Evaluator, and Selector of Tobaccos.

Next Generation Cigars - From its silky smooth wrapper to its perfectly aged long leaf filler, the nextGeneration cigar offers the most discrimintating smoker an experience second to none. Not only will nextGeneration live up to your expectations, it will prove that some of life's indulgences are worth waiting for.

Penguin Cigars (Rittenhouse Premium Cigars) - the original cigar snobs. We've established our web site as an exclusive club where cigar snobs the world over may gather to regale each other with their personal tales of snobbery. We are now importing our own private label cigar - The Penguin. This premium cigar is imported from the Dominican Republic and available exclusively at Tinder Box stores.

Premium Cigars International - PREMIUM CIGARS INTERNATIONAL, LTD. is a full-service marketer and distributor of premium cigars and accessories to convenience and other high-volume retail stores in the United States and Canada.

Prestige Cigars - Only the finest tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua are used in Prestige cigars. Our cigars range in flavor from a mild bodied taste to a full tobacco flavor. For the past two years, Prestige Cigars has had the pleasure of directly working with the Placencia Plantations.

Purofino Cigars - PUROFINO Gold Label and Blue Label cigars are created entirely by hand in the mountainous heart of Spanish Honduras' lush Jamastram Valley, and represent a tradition of more than two decades of experience in the art of creating the finest, premium quality cigars possible.

SJI Tobacco
- We're not like other tobacconists. To begin with, SJI Tobacco offers everyday low prices on every item. So your dollars always go further. SJI Tobacco does everything possible to earn your business. This includes great prices, timely shipping, large inventory, fax, e-mail, toll free phone ordering, and a friendly staff anxious to help you.

Splendid Seed Tobacco Co. - Historically speaking, double happiness is the sentiment most commonly associated with Asian weddings. But as far as we're concerned, double happiness is the feeling one immediately senses upon entering the cheerful confines of Manila Cigar, the Taft Avenue mansion in the heart of old Manila where our cigars are made....

Sturgis Cigars - From the fertile Dominican Republic soil to the Black Hills of South Dakota comes a line of sweet leaf cigars with outstanding flavor and suchmildness and smoothness that they are known as the "cigar rollers'choice." STURGIS CIGARS are expertly blended and handrolled with a carefully selected Indonesian wrapper.

Troya Cigars - Troya cigars are made from the finest and most costly tobaccos. The Havana seed filler and binders are masterfully hand-crafted at Tabacos Dominicanos, one of the finest cigar factories in the Dominican Republic and manufacturer of many other select brands.

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